Prof. Michio Kaku

Prof. Michio Kaku is deemed as one of the most prominent world personalities in our current world. He is very famous in two domains. First, the unified field theory of Albert Einstein, which Dr. Kaku is trying to complete. Second domain is prediction of the phenomena that have effects on the economical, commercial and financial activities, based on the latest development of the scientific research area. Prof. Kaku holds Henry Semat Chair in the Theoretical Physics from New York City University. He is a Harvard University Graduate. His aim is to achieve Einstein's dream in "Theory for Everything" in order to compose an equation, which will not be more than few inches long, and all the physics rules of the world are summarized in this equation. Prof. Kaku is one of the founders of the "String Field Theory", which is a basic theory to approach the "Theory for Everything". He is the author of many best-seller books in the world. Among his best books are: "Future Physics", "Physics of the Impossible", and "Future Visions", in which he talks about how science will change our future in the 21st Century