Dr. Patrick Dixon

Dr. Patrick Dixon, as described by the Media, is one of the future movement entrepreneurs in Europe. He had been classified as one of the most influential living thinkers in the business domains at the level of the whole world. He wrote fifteen books, and is currently working with the largest multinational companies. Dr. Patrick Dixon is a physician, based on his major study. He addressed the audiences in more than 52 countries. More than 13.5 million people visited his Internet website, and more than 4 million people viewed his videos on the YouTube this year

Prof. Michio Kaku

Prof. Michio Kaku is deemed as one of the most prominent world personalities in our current world. He is very famous in two domains. First, the unified field theory of Albert Einstein, which Dr. Kaku is trying to complete. Second domain is prediction of the phenomena that have effects on the economical, commercial and financial activities, based on the latest development of the scientific research area. Prof. Kaku holds Henry Semat Chair in the Theoretical Physics from New York City University. He is a Harvard University Graduate. His aim is to achieve Einstein's dream in "Theory for Everything" in order to compose an equation, which will not be more than few inches long, and all the physics rules of the world are summarized in this equation. Prof. Kaku is one of the founders of the "String Field Theory", which is a basic theory to approach the "Theory for Everything". He is the author of many best-seller books in the world. Among his best books are: "Future Physics", "Physics of the Impossible", and "Future Visions", in which he talks about how science will change our future in the 21st Century

Prof. James Delisle

James Delsile is a Special Education Professor in Kent University, USA. He worked as a manager of the university studies and higher studies for the gifted children education program for 25 years. He is among the best "Top Ten Authors" who were chosen in the gifted children education field.He worked in the talented education field since more than 35 years. Prof. James also assumed positions in many schools and universities' boards of directors, including: "National Association of the Gifted Children (NAGC)", "Gifted Identification Office", in Duke University, "Exceptional Children" Council, and "Robert Gifted School". He wrote more than 250 articles and 15 books; and he is the author of book titled "The Decline of America".

Dr. Khaled Suleiman Al-Yahia

Dr. Khaled Suleiman Al-Yahia is the chairman of Ithraa programs at King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, and is the manager of "Saudi Aramco for the Youth Enrichment" Initiative. Dr. Khaled Al-Yahia was assumed many tasks, as he worked as a professor of physics at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, consultant and head of the medical physics department at Saad Specialization Hospital, director of the educational programs in King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, and a scientific consultant for King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity "Mawhiba". He is characterized by his scientific lectures that are coined in an inspiring literary shape.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Tarabzona

Eng. Abdul Rahman Tarabzouni obtained both the BA and MA Degrees in Engineering and Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Currently, he is the chairman of Google Android Businesses in the Middle East, after his leadership of the mission of planning and implementing the investments and businesses of the strategic company for the position of Google Regional President of the Developing Arab Markets. Eng. Abdul Rahman assumed the tasks for building different projects during his work in the USA with Blueprint, Oracle, and Morgan Stanley. He was a member of Microsoft Future Board of Directors, and participated in the association of many technical companies and investment embracers. He is a member of a number of boards of directors, secretaries and consultants of many regional organization and companies. Arabian Business chose him among the top 30 influential leaders in the Middle East on its Annual List "30 Under 30", and was classified by MIT Technology Review as one of the Arab Technical Entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Najjar Al-Hammadi

A UAE business entrepreneur and chairman of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, which is an NGO, non-profit foundation, that managed to be distinguished by its support to the research, development, and scientific and technological innovation activities programs at the levels of the Arab countries and the world. His achievements created for him values and fame and he was chosen for three consecutive years as one of the most influential Arab men in the World. Dr. Abdullah holds Ph.D. Degree in the experimental physics from Durham University in the United Kingdom. His academic career began as a teacher of science and physics in the United Arab Emirates, and gained many skills and experiences throughout his occupational and service career. He was a member of Sharjah Parliament for four years, director of a university research center, lecturer professor and curriculum expert. Dr. Abdullah Al-Najjar published 72 scientific papers in specialized magazines of world class and in many of the international conferences. Some of these articles are about the solar cells, and the new and advanced substances properties, as well as applications of the solar energy. He also audited and edited the proceedings of 9 conferences, and contributed to more than 20 studies and reports. He chaired and participated in the presidency of about 41 conferences, managed many sessions and workshops, and participated in about 84 regional and international activities specialized in science and technology.

الدكتور ستيف جاكوبس

الدكتور ستيف جاكوبس عالم ومؤلف وشخصية إعلامية, حصل على ثلاث درجات جامعية وقرابة العقدين من التدريس وخبرة مع محطة تلفزيون نكلوديون الأمريكية، تلفزيون باراماونت ، تلفزيون فوكس، ديزني، الإذاعة الوطنية العامة (إن بي آر) ومعهد سميثسونيون.   وتعتبر مشاركته في منافسات تحدي العلماء الشباب لطلاب المستويات 5-8 : ديسكفري إديوكيشن إم3 أحب الأعمال إليه.    عمل كمستشار وحكم لمنافسات تحدي العلماء الشباب منذ انطلاقتها في العام 1999م. يقول الدكتور ستيف في هذا السياق "أجد أن النشء يكونون دائما أكثر حماسا عندما يتعلق الأمر بتعلم طريقة التفكير العلمي. لقد كنت في غاية السعادة عندما علمت أن منافسات تحدي العلماء الشباب قد نجحت في اجتذاب العلماء الشباب من كل أنحاء الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية".  

الدكتور اندرو هاويل

  حصل على دكتوراة الفلسفة في علم الفلك ، 2000م, ويعمل مشرف نشاطات مختبرات ثاني، في مرصد لاس كومبريس، شبكة التلسكوب العالمي، سانتا بربارا ، كاليفورنيا. و أستاذاً مساعداً في جامعة كاليفورنيا. حصل على العديد من الجوائز في علم الفلك.  وله العديد من المؤلفات والمقالات في هذا العلم, وأشرف على العديد من طلاب الدراسات العليا.